Minichi Enterprises

Minichi Enterprises

Promoting Energy Independance In The United States

Minichi believes that the Marcellus Shale gas play will lead to energy independence for the United States. This independence can be accomplished in a safe and environmentally sound way. To that end, Minichi has been active in its support of coalitions and political groups who share this philosophy.


Minichi Proudly Supports St. Joseph Center

Minichi Energy - St. Josephs Center

Minichi would like to thank its vendors who support St. Joseph's:

Builders Supply
M Bendesh Fuel
Edwards Sand and Stone
Keystone Fence
FC Spot Company
Bloomsburg Metal Co. LLC
Kerl Ice Co.
Lane's Crane
Geo-Science Engineering Co., Inc.
Powell Rental Inc.
Vibra Tech Engineers Inc.

Medico Industries
Case Tire Co.
Central Clay
CDM Smith, Inc.
Minichi Inc.
Marc Minichello
M.E.M. Investments
Eastern Drilling Manufacturing
Hinds Oil

Minichi Energy - Tom Ridge, Marc Minichello
Tom Ridge, former Governor of Pennsylvania and former President of the Marcellus Shale Coalition and Minichi President Marc Minichello.

Minichi Energy - Corbett and Minichello
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett and
Minichi President Marc Minichello.

Team Receives K&M Technology HERDIT Course Certificate of Completion

Minichi Energy Minichi Energy
Marvin Gilpin, Martin Shamro, Tom Stepanski, Marc Minichello Click To Enlarge

The United States is experiencing an energy revolution and Pennsylvania will play a key role in developing the energy sources for the future of the country. Natural gas production is growing faster in Pennsylvania than anywhere else in the country, and its rate of growth far outpaces any other state. Minichi takes great pride in being a locally owned company and hires exclusively from the Northeastern Pennsylvania workforce.