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Minichi, Inc. - Our History

Marc Minichello has been in the drilling industry for over 25 years. His initial company, Minichi, Inc., was incorporated in 1989. Minichi was established to fulfill a specialized need in the anthracite coal region of Northeastern Pennsylvania. The coal industries of the northeast left behind scarred lands and mine voids which, if left unattended, could harm the very families that built the anthracite mining industry. Minichi began drilling and grouting mine voids created by the now defunct coal mining industry. Minichi began with one T-4 drill, and continues to reclaim mines to this very day.

As government funding to support this reclamation dried up, Minichi realized it needed to expand and alter its business model. In 2000, Minichi’s primary focus changed to bridge construction and rehabilitation in the heavy highway industry. Since 2000, Minichi has contracted for and completed over $100 million of construction work to rebuild and repair roads and bridges in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Minichi has accomplished this construction while continuing its drilling program.

As Minichi continued to grow, it acquired three concrete companies to support its work in the bridge construction arena. Carbondale Concrete, Pike County Concrete and Honesdale Transit all operate under the name of MEM Investments, Inc. The concrete companies provide concrete services to a wide customer base, from residential pours to commercial pours, from 3 yard pours to 40,000 yard pours. State of the art volumetric mixers provide latex modified concrete to projects requiring quick-curing concrete. MEM has provided this service to the Philadelphia International Airport and various highly-trafficked projects along the Pennsylvania interstate highways.

Due to strategic acquisitions and forward thinking, Minichi was primed to take advantage of the shale boom taking place in the Northeastern part of the United States. In 2007, Minichi re-invigorated its drilling program and began providing drilling and cementing services to the oil and gas industry in Northeastern Pennsylvania. After purchasing 2 DR-24 dual rotary drills, Minichi began drilling conductor holes and installing cellars for gas companies in the Marcellus Shale region. As Minichi’s reputation for providing skilled and quality drilling services grew, Minichi recognized the need for continued growth. Minichi Energy, LLC was formed in 2012 with an eye toward deeper drilling in the Marcellus Shale play and an expanded role in the oil and gas industry, to include exploration and drilling operations.

In 2014, Minichi Energy, LLC has also opened yards in Cadiz, Ohio and Foxworth, Mississippi to better serve both the oil and natural gas industries. Minichi Energy, LLC is registered to conduct business in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Texas, and West Virginia.